Aromatherapy – Diffusers of Essential Oil

By definition, diffusion means the process of dispersion. In aromatherapy, the term aromatherapy diffusion means spreading or dispersion of essential aromatherapy oil. This literally means dispersion of aroma all over the place where the aromatherapy diffusers are used. There is several type of aromatherapy diffuser to diffuse oil aroma into the location. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages. These types may be simple or hi-tech as per the need of aromatherapy. If it were just going to be within your home a simple aromatherapy, diffuser would do more than enough. If you are going to maintain an aromatherapy parlor then you would require a hi-tech aromatherapy diffuser.

Facial Tissue:

Placing just a few drops of aromatherapy oil over the facial tissue would spread the aroma in that area. This is very limited in emitting only a small amount of fragrance rather than occupying the entire room faster.

Steam aromatherapy diffuser:

In this method, one could take cups of boiling water into which the aromatherapy essential oils can be poured. People generally follow this much simple technique for curing cold and sneeze. The only problem with this method would be the aroma that is diffused disappear quickly and does not last long. They just live for a shorter period. Still the diffusion is faster.


In this method, it is not the aromatherapy candle we use. We are going to use a normal candle. In this candle, we are going to place drops of aromatherapy oil into the molten wax. Be careful so as not to drop the oil on the fire, as they are highly flammable. On more strain would be that one should regularly pour oil on the wax. One must periodically check out for the diffusion quality.

Lamp rings:

These rings are placed round the bulb. They exactly fit to the bulb’s circumference. Now they are dipped into the essential oil so that they are diffused when placed on the hot bulb.

Car Diffusers:

These are readymade products available in the market for usage in car. They act as battery operated disposable car fresheners. One who is long drive could use this for rejuvenating them.

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