Benefits of Cordyceps Sinensis Extract

Benefits of Cordyceps Sinensis Extract

Cordyceps Sinensis extract comes with several medical benefits. Some of them are it can balance blood sugar level, it works as anti-inflammatory agent, it can act as anti-oxidant, it supports kidney functions, it can boost immune system, it helps in improving liver functions. But many studies which have taken place experimented on animal body. So its effect on human body is not yet completely studies. There are few studies which look promising but there is need for large scale studies which can prove its benefits on human body.


Further studies should mainly focus on the following:

  • How it can be used to reduce and prevent heart related issues
  • Its use in cancer to reduce or stop the proliferation of cells in tumor and in the reduction of tumor size
  • Increase the use of glucose and by this improve the type 11 diabetes symptoms
  • How can it be useful in improving sexual health?
  • Usage of this fungus in improving overall health of liver and kidney
  • Its benefits for respiratory system
  • How can it boost immunity?

Heart health and C. Sinensis:

It has the ability to reduce the risks associated with many heart related issues. By this it can boost overall health of the heart. It is even effective in reducing obesity. Through animal tests it is been proved that,

  • It can be used as a remedy in arrhythmic heart beats and can be effective in reducing heart beats
  • It can balance the high concentration of fats in blood. This condition is known as hyperlipidermia
  • It can improve the fatty substances in the blood and levels of stored fat
  • By using this heart muscle can increase the use of oxygen
  • It can reduce both diastolic and systolic blood pressure rates
  • It can improve the circulation by enhancing blood vessel endothelium and promoting relaxation of heart

Cancer and C. sinensis:

There are many studies which have focused on benefits of this fungus in the treatment of cancer. These studies have shown that this fungus can act as anti-metastatic, anti-tumor, anti-oxidant, anti-proliferative, anti-inflammatory agent and has shown properties of chemo-preventive.

The study for the whole fungus has shown many positive reactions regarding cancer. Some are,

  • Tumor size was reduced
  • Fungus has stimulated natural death of cells inside the tumor
  • Preventing progression and proliferation of cells in tumor
  • It has enhanced the synthesis of cytokine
  • Cell cycle arrest has been stimulated in tumors

But further studies should be conducted on large scale to completely adapt this in the treatment of cancer for humans. Studies have also focused on its property to enhance the level of anti-oxidants in blood. Its ability to boost immune system and support to tolerate chemotherapy are also included in the study.

Other Benefits:

Even though it exhibits anti-cancer properties, this fungus it is mostly used as a booster for overall health in an individual. It can enhance fitness level, can be used in the treatment of respiratory conditions, to boost immunity, for age related issues, to enhance energy. It is even used in the treatment of effects caused by stress in an individual. Here it acts as adaptogen to fight against stress.