Fastin – a complete guide

Fastin – a complete guide

Fastin is the drug used for weight loss especially recommended to the person who is suffering from obesity or have any others tragic weighty problems. It is a prescription based drug and usually given for short term use .It is basically used with the combination of calories restricted diet and regular exercis. Fastin is made with a phentermine resin which belongs to thermogenic family. Fastin is an appetite suppressant and medication which contain phentermine or amphetamine as a weight loss drug.

      Fastin known as sympathomimetic amine which majorly affects the central nervous system and instruct the brain to release some chemical which are norephinephrine which trick the body to not feel hungry, and enhance the body’s energy level.It also secrets the dopamine which changes the mood into good and burn the fat at faster rate. Fastin contain phenylethylamine HCL being the major one and Yohimbe extract, caffeine, theobromine anhydrous,methylsynephrine hcl ,Synephrine HCL and some other fillers as a ingredient,Due to some of the ingredient such a caffeine ,one can feel nausea. Fastin is made with a Phentermine resin that’s why it is not for long term use.

From where one can buy fastin?

Due to the laws, fastin are only available with the doctor’s prescription, but recently many of the companies started selling it under different names such as

  • Phentercot
  • Adipex-P
  • Phentride
  • Adipex
  • Pro-fast

Fastin are basically available in capsule which come sit two strength -15mg and 30 mg. It is recommended to the person whose BMI is 30 or above that. The dosage and the effect of phentermime changes according to some factors such as gender, weight, immune system, age and many external factor.  That is why it should be taken on the doctor’s advice.

 Benefits of using Fastin

Fastin can help you improving your overall health and well being. Fastin will indulge you in eating less and exercising more.

  • After taking it for a week,  you’ll start feeling energetic and would have a good mood.
  • In some cases it also help in reducing the anxiety level.
  • It helps you burning the calories faster if taken with the ideal diet and regular exercise.

Side effects of fastin

Fastin can affect the body psychologically, physically and behaviorally, some of the side effects of Fastin are

  • Hypertension
  • nausea
  •   irritability
  • Chest, arm, or jaw pain
  • Dizziness
  • Very fast heartbeat
  • Swelling in your feet or legs
  • High blood pressure
  • diarrhea or constipation
  • dry mouth, vomiting
  • difficulty sleeping (insomnia)
  •      Excessive angerness
  •  Unusual behaviour
  • Hallucination or delusion

Interaction of fasting with other substances

Fastin can also interact with many of the substance and medicines.

So if you are on any medication, you should know the interaction between the Gaston and the medicine.

If you are using alcohol then avoid using Fastin as they both interact easily and results in weight gain instead of weight loss.

You should have your body checkup before starting the medication. The body checkup will include the Abnormal heart rhythm,Congestive heart failure,Hardening of the arteries,Drug abuse,Overactive thyroid or hyperthyroidism,Glaucoma,,Hypertension,Stroke,Coronary artery disease,Allergic reaction,Heart valve disease,Stroke and Pulmonary hypertension.

Fastin is habit forming, so ignore the usage of it if you have any history regarding drug abuse or addiction.

Also avoid using Gaston for long term use, you may become dependent or addicted to it.